t.U.T. which is an acronym for "The Untold Truth" is an upcoming rap artist based out of Albany, Ga. Also, the CFO of an indie record label "BlacAmerica Syndicate" which was started in 2013 with a childhood friend Fred Walker (Ceo). Since then, the journey has been a roller-coaster ride but that never stopped T.U.T. from growing as an artist or building awareness around the brand. The start of 2020 brought many obstacles, from members going separate ways to Covid-19 restructuring the Tway the world is being run. Through all of that T.U.T. found it in himself to tap in on his music & creativity like never before. That burst of energy and effort has created various opportunities ranging from "Management to Deal Signings" which is more than likely the next step for the dope southern emcee. 

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