T.U.T. which is an acronym for "The Untold Truth" is a rap artist based out of Albany, Ga. Also, the Ceo of an indie record label "BlacAmerica Syndicate" which was started in 2013 and became an official business in 2018. Life created this artist that we see today. The highs and lows of being young gifted black man trying to find his out of poverty-stricken city gave T.U.T. something to talk about. Getting into legal troubles almost landed him in prison which is what ultimately steered him into the music. Once he heard his first rhyme recorded and saw the impact it had on others, he knew music was the way to set him free. T.U.T is a generational talent that will soon be a household name. The interview below, you can hear him get into his story a tad bit more. Be sure to follow him on all media platforms and make yourself at home. 


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